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Surrogate World is a national Full-Service Surrogacy Agency and Law Firm. Our centres are across the world. SW helps prospective parents of all kinds (LGBTQ+, straight, partnered, single, domestic, and international) build families through gestational surrogacy with rigorously screened surrogates. We serve our clients as both a surrogacy agency and a law firm, providing full pre-screening of surrogate candidates, surrogate matching services, concierge-level support, and legal services – all in one integrated company. We’ve been building families since long and would love to help you start your journey!

Our matching team, journey coordinators, and surrogacy attorneys are dedicated to supporting you every step of your journey. From your first call with us through to well after delivery, we are here to offer the highest level of support possible. Not only do we carefully review your match for legal compatibility, but we have your back through every stage of the process. Surrogacy World has been successfully guiding surrogacy journeys for intended parents and surrogates for almost 25 years. We offer the most experienced support team who is emotionally invested in every journey.

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Who Uses Surrogacy to Build Their Families?


Who Uses Surrogacy to Build Their Families?


One of the most important ingredients for a successful surrogacy program anywhere across the world is the recruitment of a healthy and medically fit surrogate mother or gestational carrier as they are known alternatively. We work with highly reputed surrogacy clinics in the USA, Argentina, Australia, and other countries and will help to find the right surrogate.

Large database of egg donors

If you are looking for an ideal egg donor, you can choose an egg donor process via a leading egg donor agency. As an agency, we are proud to have egg donors from pretty much every corner of the world be it Asia, India, Africa, Caucasian countries, and Hispanic backgrounds.

Surrogacy for Same-sex, LGBTQ+

Surrogate World is an LGBT-friendly agency and we generally find that almost 45% of our clients are same-sex couples. Working with a gay couple is no different and their personal decision is as favoured as any other straight couple’s. Every couple is special and so is their dream to Surrogate World!

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Surrogacy allows individuals and couples to build the families they’ve always dreamed of. It provides hope for those experiencing hurdles

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IVF vs. Surrogacy

In vitro fertilization and surrogacy are options intended parents can pursue if natural fertilization, pregnancy, or both


What people are saying!

Thank you for all your help through this amazing journey, you are a true professional yet compassionate and understanding, always available to listen and advise. You made it seamless and smooth with your thorough explanations.

K & D, Intended Parent

The surrogacy, pregnancy and birth experiences were so incredibly smooth, healthy, safe, and beautiful. My husband and I bonded very tightly with our surrogate (and later her family), and just adore her.

Anjillm, Intended Parent

You provided the most information in the most candid and plain language, while still feeling informative rather than condescending. You were the most warm and welcoming and focused on the formation of the family and my health.

July, Our Surrogate


Ask us Anything!

Why should I choose Surrogate World?2024-03-01T11:12:04+00:00

1. We’re a full service agency.
2. We encourage relationships between parents, surrogates and egg donors.
3. We practice a high-quality process for screening our surrogates and donors.
4. We offer an all-inclusive fixed cost program.
5. Most of our staff has personal experience with surrogacy, egg donation, IVF and adoption.

How do I begin the process?2024-03-01T11:13:18+00:00

Starting your surrogacy journey begins with a complimentary consultation with our experienced team. You’ll speak with an attorney as well as a process consultant. In this meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to share your story with us and why you’ve chosen surrogacy to grow your family, and we’ll explain our process and program offerings, and answer any questions you have.

Will I have contact with my surrogate?2024-03-01T11:14:29+00:00

Openness, honesty and communication are our core values. We encourage building meaningful relationships that will continue to exist throughout the life of the child. As intended parents you are encouraged to visit your surrogate when possible, more often – to get to know her family and where she’s from.

Where will my surrogate deliver my child?2024-03-01T11:16:18+00:00

All surrogates will deliver at a hospital near their home. The decision about where to deliver is typically made in conjunction with the OBGYN, which may have a network of approved providers and hospitals. Occasionally, our legal team will recommend that a delivery occur at a specific hospital.

High-Touch Support Through the Entire Journey

Our recruiting and matching team, journey coordinators, and surrogacy attorneys are dedicated to supporting you every step of your journey.

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